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Арт. Очень нужно.

Ни у кого в соо не завалялось арта с Кея и Каору? Можно с Хикару - мне не принципиально)))

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Обзоры Додзини.


Ох уж эти додзи... найти их очень сложно даже на просторах аарина и mandarake, но они есть и сегодня я вам некоторые покажу.



Title: 二人静
Pair: Kaoru/Hikaru
Circle: Two Quiet
Pages: 35
Content: R

Plot: Hikaru wakes up from a nightmare, in which he couldn't stop Kaoru from leaving. Kaoru is playful with Hikaru when he rouses from sleeping, asking if he was having a “weird” dream. Hikaru throws himself at the other boy and pours out his heart about his fears of separation. His brother comforts him and they make love, but even after Kaoru promises they'll always be together, Hikaru can't shake the feeling that he's losing his twin.
The next day his fears are partially realized, when his classmates are discussing an event and Kaoru gets bored. He drags Haruhi and Hikaru away from the others, but ends up going off alone with the former.
Struck with panic, Hikaru pushes him into a hedge and demands to know what he's doing. He can feel bad feeling rising in him, and he suddenly explodes, yelling at his brother, asking if he understands anything, or him, and aren't they family? Would he be happier if he just went away?
After a time they come to an understanding, and Hikaru silently thinks that he will protect Kaoru, no matter what.
It brings a smile to his face.
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Title: ホスト部のホスト部によるホストの愛し方
Pair: Kyoya/Tama & Twins
Circle: Mimukayuma
Pages: 38
Content: R
Plot: Kyoya is typing away on his laptop- the rest of the club wonders what he's doing. Hikaru thinks maybe it's a Death Note. They ask Renge, and she thinks about meeting Kyoya at Comiket. Could he be an otaku?
Kyoya ignores them and gets up to leave but he trips and falls on Tamaki. When they see the MOE reaction of the girls, they go with it and act romantically and saying suggestive things. But at the end Haruhi comes in with tea for "mom and dad" and Tama flips out saying "dad won't forget you".
The second story is slightly more serious- with Kaoru and Hikaru begin intimate with Kaoru on the bottom for the first time.
In the third story Kyoya is playing psychiatrist to Tama, who's talking about what he wants. Kyoya says he's naive, and will teach him something. He takes his clothes off but ties a ribbon around his throat, and describes the importance of the region for feeling. He starts to arouse him and comments on the #1 Host "king's" member, and asks what he does alone, and that he'd like to see it.
Tama says it's shameful and they shouldn't be doing it, but Kyoya continues to goat him on, and says he has too many worries about this game he plays.
In the end a younger Tama comes out and finds free time and a free [devious] spirit.

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Прошу прощение - но можно попросить о выполнении заявки?
Кёя/Каору - на свидании - флафф